2016-BOY-Ribbon-lgWelcome to Mudpies N Butterflies Photography! We specialize in custom newborn, child, and family photography that perfectly captures what is so special and unique about your family. We have a constant growing love and passion for what we do, and we want this to be evident in every picture we take.

By supporting Mudpies N Butterflies Photography, a York County, Pennsylvania-based business, you are also helping to serve and love underprivileged children and adults. Learn more about our mission.


You want to capture your family’s most beautiful moments — and we will do everything we can to do exactly that! We think great photography is an investment, but still, we don’t charge a sitting fee. This allows you all the wardrobe changes and people shuffling in and out that you’d like. (And all the time that’s needed to help get that perfect newborn shot, as we have specialized newborn photography training in working with babies!)

We want to maximize your session and help you get the exact look and feel for your photos that you want, all with our expertise guiding the way. Sound good? Let’s connect and get the process started.

By Email: info@mudpiesnbutterflies.com
By Phone: 717.650.2694

Newborn twins photography York PA

Just new! We have specialized training in newborn photography.


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Rocking the bump! We do maternity sessions, too.


A boudoir photoshoot.

Just saying that might make you nervous. Even if you’ve always wanted to do one — for yourself, for your partner, for whatever reason — you may also feel like it would just be too much to deal with.

Here’s the thing, and take it from photographers with years of experience shooting boudoir images: EVERY WOMAN that we photograph faces the nerves, the insecurities, the “devil on their shoulder” about whether or not they could POSSIBLY look sexy.

Guess what? You absolutely can and will look sexy, because we do our very best to give you confidence. Confidence, it turns out, is the most sexy thing possible!


We desperately want each and every woman that is considering this process with Mudpies to realize that this is so much more than the photos. This is an EXPERIENCE. 

Why? Because, even without seeing a single photo, you’re already going to have the thrilling, self-esteem boosting experience of putting yourself out there. Trust us, you’ll be so glad you did, and you’ll wonder why you were so nervous in the first place! You’ll be pampered, encouraged, and truly, you’ll be the star of the show. What woman doesn’t want that?

Take it from others who have done it before:

“I had so much fun, I want to come do this every year for my husband”- Anissa

“I never thought I would do a shoot like this , especially after having birthed so many babies!   Im so glad I booked this session. I was so nervous but Mandy and Kylie made me feel not only comfortable but beautiful, and these pictures are HOT” -Jessica

“I am shocked at how rockin’ I look in these!!! I cant even believe my eyes that its me! The girls used posing and lighting to make me look like my body has zero flaws. Wow, wow, wow!”- Sam

Contact us today so we can go over what all is involved. You won’t regret it!


Mudpiesn Butterflies baby and child photographers

The question we hear most as photographers

There are many times we get emailed or called and asked, “What is your cost/rate for ‘pictures’?”

Well, that’s a loaded question! lol

Mudpies Studios  would like the opportunity to explain that our photography services are  much — MUCH!  different than any other central Pennsylvania photographers.

Why, you ask? It’s simple.

We love what we do, and we take it seriously.

Every session is a production. This isn’t just a simple “Hey we’ll take some photos with a fancy camera, do a little editing, and send you on your way.” You deserve more than that!

Whether it’s a new baby, rock the bump, milestone, event, senior, family, commercial (we’re much more than just baby photos, if you noticed!), we’re going full out to give you an unbelievable experience. It’s a production because we want you to leave your session with the most amazing, take-your-breath-away images that stir your soul and have you tangibly feel the emotion in, the kind of images that years later take you right back to that moment in time. We want you to look at a canvas print of your baby and get misty eyed at how we captured his or her little smile. We want you to laugh at the toddler photo of your now grown child splashing in the rain. We want you to feel our photos. Anyone can take photos. We capture memories.

That’s where we take a different approach than some others. We know the best images are taken when the client is at ease. We don’t want you to feel like you need to run in circles screaming for little Johnny to get his shot back on or little Susie to stop ripping her hair bows out while you’re begging for dad to keep his shirt tucked in and take off that hat for goodness sake, not to mention make your dog sit still! Sounds stressful, right? That’s where we excel — you enjoy the photo shoot, we take care of all of that craziness! Let US help YOU! Ultimately it will result in a stress-free shoot with all natural smiles and a clean timeless wardrobe that will make breathtaking family heirlooms.

And the best part?

We are NOT a big-money, pricey art gallery-style studio that will cost a fortune per print. The quality? Absolutely. But you’re not going to pay through the nose.

We adore getting creative, taking our time, maximizing styling sessions. We are all about your experience, and getting amazing images. Let’s face it. Getting portraits taken of your family can be stressful and for some families, it feels just too daunting to take on. We KNOW you want to capture your memories and document moments in your life.

OUR goal is for a stress free session from start to finish. You get to relax while professional photographers work with your child/family. We always come prepared with extra hands and tricks to ease to the burden of parents (“My baby never does this, I swear!” is something we hear all the time. Guess what? It’s OK. We’ve got a few tricks to get that precious smile, anyway.) We want those gorgeous natural shots just the same as you do!  Let us give you wardrobe tips, select gorgeous locations and sets to suit your style and budget. We’re moms, we get it! We know it’s important to make every part of your session count, ESPECIALLY if your family memories are seldom professionally captured.

It is our promise that we will give you tons of images and commit to spend time making every detail perfect, having you look your best.  We will spend hours preparing and styling your photography session, we will show up ready to be on top of our game, we promise to take our time, be patient and fun. All that, and we absolutely love what we do.

Let’s schedule a session!


You may know us as the “newborn photo people” or maybe the “child photo people.” Or maybe, if we’re lucky, “our favorite photographers!”

But we also spend some of our time focused on another amazing time of life: weddings.

For maximum creativity, we limit our wedding bookings to only a handful per year. We do absolutely love to capture the union of two souls, and it shows in our images! It’s such a different environment than newborn and child photography – we don’t usually have to coax the bride with bubbles – but it has so many fun, unique advantages as we put all our effort into captivating one of the most memorable days a person can have.




mermaid photo academy

We have been swimming our fins off over here at Mudpies Studios training up and certifying the most beautiful mermaids! It’s been both magical and hysterical … all have been having an absolute blast splashing in the water and trying on Mertails.

Reserve your spot now in our Mermaid Academy! $150 for a full photoshoot with a merinstructor, an adorable certificate of completion to remember the experience, and all edited digital images limited spots hurry !! **Sibling discounts offered.

(MD/DE beach sessions available by request.)